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I was just in the neighborhood!

You will have to see the full version video in the members area to understand what this video is really about, but in this clip as you can see the black male starts rubbing her pussy, then moves up to her clit she rolls around and starts to get into it! But what this clip [...]

A sexy kiss good night!

I can tell you this babe knows how to eat a sleeping women’s ass and even slips her tongue in and out and around her hot moist pussy! She goes at it for a long time in this video, the camera man gets really close to the action, you could almost swear you could smell [...]

She slid her tongue in her tight asshole!

The camera went way up close and personal! When she slid her tongue in and out of her pretty tight asshole I wanted to explode right then and there! She went at this asshole like it was a side of beef! Long story short she tore up this ass and the ending will freaking amaze [...]

Double penetration finger fucked in her ass!

That was the hottest thing I think I’ve ever seen. That girl sleeping on the couch getting double penetration finger fucked in her ass and pussy. Talk about instant hard on! When she started to squirm on the couch I almost ripped a hole in my damn pants I was throbbing so hard! The fact [...]

He tongues fucks her asshole!

Damn that was a seriously hot clip! She was getting that pussy worked in her sleep and it was getting played with real good by that guy because it made her ass start moaning. When he bent down to lick her asshole I was seriously turned on by the situation. Videos for fetishes are easy [...]